Student Lockers

Requests for lockers are processed online. To rent a locker, return a locker, or replace a locker’s key, AUD students must login to the following link using their student credentials:

The following policies apply:

  • Students are required to pay a refundable deposit of AED 500;
  • Lockers will be assigned for the duration of a student’s enrollment at AUD;
  • First priority will be given to Students of Determination;
  • If demand exceeds availability, lockers will be assigned to students with the greatest number of credits earned at AUD;
  • A student who loses a key will be fined AED 300; the student must complete the online process to be assigned a key replacement;
  • The university is not responsible for theft or damage to the contents of a registered locker;
  • The student is also responsible for the cost of repairs in case of damage beyond normal wear and tear to the locker itself;
  • At the time the student wishes to vacate his or her locker, he or she must empty their locker of any belongings, complete the online process, and return the key to the Central Services Coordinator, Sarah Al Rasheed and/or the Main Gate Security. The deposit refund will be processed once the online request is completed successfully; and,
  • Oversized lockers are available for Interior Design students.
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