Career Support

With increasing competition in today’s global marketplace, students must stand out and be equipped with remarkable hard and soft skills. Hence, AUD aims at providing degree-seeking current students and alumni with individualized career guidance and job search assistance, to help them excel when entering the workforce.

“Encouraging our students to complement their academic background with solid work experience is key to ensuring that upon graduation they will meet the high expectations of future employers.”

The Career Services Office provides current students and alumni numerous career-related prospects to help enhance their resume and cover letter writing, interview techniques, professional development, aptitude assessment, and general career counseling. Besides, the career team is very keen on giving advice and guidance on internships, employment search strategies, and applications, as well as soft skills building.

How can I apply for jobs through Career Services?
Remain up to date on the latest content shared and job opportunities by creating and updating your unique user profile by clicking the logo below.

How often should I visit Career Services?
Depending on your employment needs, however, it is advised to visit Career Services at least once per semester also it is key to stay tuned to all employers' activities on campus and in-house workshops to build on your soft skills.

How do I know which advisor to visit?
The Career Services team members are all available to help you at any time, you are not assigned a particular Career Counselor, so feel free to visit any of us.

Should I make an appointment to visit a Career Advisor?
Book an appointment with a Career Counselor through our Career Center - online booking system on

How long will the Career Services assist me?
Career Services will assist you from your first semester at AUD until your graduation and beyond if need be.

Check out our useful resources on career-related tips and techniques through this age and on the career center.


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