The AUD Career Services team is committed to working closely with the business community, and assisting employers with their recruitment needs.

Our Strategic Partners

AUD's graduates are highly sought after by top local, regional and international employers for their cross-cultural knowledge, rigorous work ethic, critical thinking skills, understanding of world views, outstanding language skills and ability to work under pressure. The skills-directed, career-oriented curricula at AUD produces graduates that are equipped to effectively contribute to the marketplace, with hands-on experience, a wealth of knowledge, and important critical thinking abilities.

It is proven that graduates who have completed at least one internship during their studies significantly land better career prospects upon graduation. Our students' intern at the top global names in the corporate world, as well as for-profit, non-profit, and governmental organizations in the U.A.E. and abroad. These internships are often the perfect gateway for students to kick start their careers and land the job they want. 

Partnerships with our strategic employers go well beyond job and internship placements and include a multitude of workshops, speaker engagements, competitions, and activations, offering the employers a platform to educate and introduce their workplace dynamic to our student body, while our students are trained to enter the workforce with strong corporate and industry knowledge in the latest trends and disruptions. These interactions are crucial for all involved, as they bridge the skill gap between the industry needs and graduate skills. 

The Career Services team prides itself on the student-centered support it offers all AUD students & alumni, which has led to us being ranked for the 2nd year as the #1 university in the region to produce work-ready graduates


The AUD Career Center is the perfect platform to share all the vacancies available at your company; whether internships, volunteering experiences, part-time and full-time roles. Through the portal, you can receive all applications directly to your inbox, as well as have access to a dedicated page where you can review applicants' profiles on the portal quickly and easily. You are also invited to fill out a company profile where you can introduce your business in more detail to our extensive community of students and alums. Register your company with us, by clicking on the logo below.



If you are an AUD student or graduate looking for an employment opportunity, we have you covered! Sign up to the new Career Center portal and start exploring the amazing opportunities listed exclusively to the AUD community. 

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