How to nail a job Interview

Making a great impression and standing out from the crowd is a sure fire way of getting hired

Nailing an interview for the job of your dreams needn’t be as difficult as you think. Attitude is key and it just takes a bit of preparation and a few savvy techniques to make sure you get that life-changing job.


  • Know the position you’re applying for, analyze the job description and tailor your answers accordingly. You need to be able to prove you have the qualities needed for the job you want to get.
  • Do your research on the company who is interviewing you. Know their business and key clients, and show a genuine interest in the position and the company. Dropping in a few facts about the business is always a good start!
  • Know your CV and experience well enough to talk at length about your education and previous experience and how they relate to the role.
  • Arrive 30 minutes before the interview to make sure you are NOT late! Allow for traffic, parking and most importantly gathering your thoughts and re-reading your CV before you enter.
  • Identify your 3 key strengths and focus on what you’re most proud of, what you’re best at and known for delivering consistently. Also worth choosing one weakness but seeing it as an area for improvement rather than a negative.
  • First impressions count and particularly when it comes to job interviews. Build a rapport with your interviewer by giving a firm hand shake, making eye contact and smiling. Making small talk can sometimes soften the atmosphere before the interview begins.
  • Be yourself, no matter how badly you want the job. If you aren’t being true to yourself your energy will come across as negative and the interviewer will sense your lack of authenticity.
  • Always ask questions at the end and make sure you have two or three prepared, but don’t ask questions about working hours or money. You want to appear more interested in the company you could potentially be working for.
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